More on Party Politics in Local Government – even more unbelievable

My comments at the bottom the story on the Adelaide Now website (link below, but you will need to right click it to read) should be sufficient for you to understand my point of view, but what worries me is that the current Australian Local Government Association President should be saying these things is a worry.

I understand some people are fans of political parties, and good for them, our democracy needs them too, but I am not going to roll over and shut up when the political class wants to force their agenda down our throats against the will of the people.

I have little doubt that in four years time we will have open party politics in local government and compulsory voting to boot and Councils will not be one bit better for it, unless some of the Independents and minor parties in State Parliament have the balls to oppose it, but that I doubt. I hope I will be proven wrong on that.

What do you think?


Party Politics in Local Government in SA – from Adelaide Now website

I attach the following article which has a comment from me included. I don’t need to say much more other than some of those calling for greater transparency from Councils (with which I agree) are not so keen on transparency for themselves.

Who to Vote for? My guide to Port Adelaide Enfield (and other) elections

I am submitting this guide for people on who to vote for in the City of Port Adelaide Enfield after being asked repeatedly by people across the Council (and further).


Gary Johanson – just vote 1 – Gary is doing a great job as our leader, lowest rates, best services. Why vote for someone you’ve never heard of?

Outer Harbor Ward

1. Vanessa McCluskey (not related to Johanna!)

2. Peter Jamieson

Semaphore Ward

1. Michael O’Brien

2. Helen Wright

Port Adelaide Ward

1. Claire Boan

2. Ray Guscott

Parks Ward

1. NK

2. Guy Wilcock

3. Kim Dinh

Enfield Ward

1. Carol Martin

2. Peter McKay

3. Harmeet Kaur

Klemzig Ward

1. Paula Bradbrook

2. Tony Barca

All of the above apart from Guy Wilcock and Kim Dinh are Independent and I know them to be excellent people (be they incumbents or newbies).

As electors need number at least 3 boxes in Parks Ward, and I do not know of the non-ALP candidates apart from NK, I am happy to recommend 2nd and 3rd preference for those ALP candidates I do know as Cr Wilcock does an excellent job on Council and Mrs Dinh is the wife of former Councillor Tung Ngo, who is now an ALP MLC, and I have met her on numerous occasions.

In other Council areas, I recommend voting for Mayor Kirsten Alexander in Charles Sturt (and any candidate backing her), Mayor Simon Brewer in Campbelltown, Mayor Lorraine Rosenberg in Onkaparinga, Mayor Gillian Aldridge in Salisbury, Glenn Spear in Mitcham and for Holdfast Bay please vote for anyone but Mayor Rollond, preferably David Wittwer.

In other Council areas/wards, please email me – I don’t know people everywhere, but in most places in SA I do.

We must do all we can to keep political parties from controlling Councils, and to keep the previously unknown fringe dwellers from being elected.

It is up to you.

Ballot Papers Finally Arrive for 2014 Council Election

Welcome to my first blog post.

It’s taken a while to get the website going but it’s a good one now.

As ballot papers are out for the Local Government Elections in 2014 and I am a Local Government Councillor, of course I have to mention it don’t I?

Despite what some people may say (and they have as much a vested interest in the debate as I have), our Council has been a VERY good one. Lowest rates, highest services and a well led, stable financial situation has seen our Council emerge from the brink about ten years ago and running really well.

We are bereft of the other issues some other Councils are plagued with such as high rates, poor services, Council infighting and poor leadership.

Of course we’re not perfect, and there will always be a need for improvement, and we will never get to Nirvana as people have competing desires on what they want from Council, but what frightens me is there is much that can go wrong in the wrong hands, and that voting in the wrong people really can make that difference.

When I ask people who move into this area from some other Council areas what they think of our Council area, there is a almost always a compliment on lower rates and better services: and they know having lived elsewhere.

Yes, I am happy to stake a claim in that success, as I work damn hard for the community, and I am proud of the achievements of both myself and the Council as a whole.

However, when after the elections, and if, as I suspect, there is a considerably different Council elected, things start to go wrong, it will be because there will be a number of new people on Council.

Some will be there to replace members who have retired or resigned (four) but other will be because they have displaced good sitting members who have worked to shape our current success.

So when you fill out your ballot papers, if you think things are so bad that you want new people in, and to trust someone unknown and untried with your rates and services, then by all means vote for them.

If you would rather keep things doing really well, then vote for the incumbents.

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