City of Port Adelaide Enfield Council results

What an election!

The results are now final (subject to recount requests and legal action) so it’s time to see who’s won and how my predictions went.


Gary JOHANSON          – re-elected

Outer Harbor Ward:

Peter JAMIESON            – re-elected

Vanessa McCLUSKEY     – elected, defeating Cr Bruce Johansen (which I had not predicted)

Semaphore Ward:

Helen WRIGHT               – re-elected

Michelle HOGAN             – elected, replacing resigned Cr Aaron Ware

Port Adelaide:

Claire BOAN                   – re-elected to new ward, replacing resigned Cr Ian Bell

Ray GUSCOTT                – re-elected


Kim DINH                       – elected, replacing resigned Cr Tung Ngo (her husband)

Guy WILCOCK                – re-elected

John CROCI                    – elected, replacing Cr Claire Boan who had changed wards


Carol MARTIN                  – re-elected

Michael IAMMARRONE     – re-elected

Peter McKAY                    – re-elected


Paul RUSSELL                   – elected, replacing retired Cr Jenny Bradbrook

Tony BARCA                     – re-elected


Matt OSBORN                   – elected, defeating Cr Kevin McCarthy

Mark BASHAM                   – re-elected

Anne-Marie HUBYCZ          – re-elected


I only made one error in my predictions, but there were some very close contests in there.


We lost over 80 years of experience on Council with those now moved on, and gained 5 new Councillors and 1 previously defeated member returning and bringing 15 years of experience with him.

There are also now 7 female representatives on PAE Council out of 18, up from 5, including both in the one ward, which is the first time that has happened in PAE history (inc Enfield history but my knowledge on former Port Adelaide Council history is not good enough to say there).

The Council is also just a little younger – from an average of 51.2 yrs to 48.9 yrs – which also means I am still under the average age – yet due to the loss of Cr McCarthy I am now the second longest serving Councillor in Port Adelaide Enfield at 23.5 yrs (Cr McKay at 43 years is winning easily there).

I am positive the new Council will work well together, as we head into the next four years.

It was a torrid election campaign but now it’s over, it’s time to move on and get on with the task at hand of making the City of Port Adelaide Enfield the best it can be.



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