December 2014 & January 2015 Council Meetings Update

Sorry to be so late on this post – my intention is to post at least twice a month – before and after Council meetings – both to seek feedback and to advise of happenings, but this never happened in December due to other commitments and then January turned into a horror month with the passing of my mother and another relative of the family and so I had my mind on other matters.

As I hadn’t updated on what happened at the December meeting, I thought I’d roll them into one, so here is a report on the December and January Council meetings on what I think most relative to Northfield Ward (number is the Minutes ref number):

DECEMBER – [Key – > item continuing, X – item concluded]

8.1 We received a petition to upgrade the Martin Street, Northfield cul de sac road reserve – interesting in that almost half of the residents of the cul de sac were not approached to sign the petition! Council staff to report back. >

12.1.2 A report came back on the apparently high number of fines for unregistered dogs in the 5086 postcode area were reported to me. After considerable research from Council staff it appears the numbers are spot on long term average for the area – it seems I received far more complaints about fines being dished out than I have had before. X

12.2.2 New parking controls around Northfield Primary School to make it safer for all. X

12.2.10 A business located in the shops at 19 Ways Road, Hampstead Gardens, requested to me that the 2 hour parking zone outside their shop be removed. Staff consultation showed this business’ view was outnumbered 3 to 1 for retention of the zones. They stay. X

12.2.11 Cobblestones on the The Strand at Northgate. Residents here had complained about the noise when vehicles drive over these cobblestones which look nice, slow traffic, but really do make a rumble when driven over. Council staff said the noise wasn’t too bad and they should stay. I successfully moved that the debate be deferred for public consultation amongst adjacent residents. >

12.2.12 Local Area Traffic Management Schemes. Our ward is crying out for some of these now thanks to the Northgate development and staff had recommended that the Greenacres one begin in 2018/19 and Northfield 2019/20. I amended the motion so Council staff bring back a report on how to have them all on the way by 2016/17. >

12.3.3 Naming of new streets in Lightsview. I seconded a motion to alter a staff recommendation so that 2 of the 3 streets to be named were given indigenous names. Lightsview has a theme of naming streets after places or people connected to Colonel William Light which was all well and good but when they were down to trying to name a street ‘Buffs Lane’ as Col Light had led a regiment by that nickname, I think it’s time Col Light be retired and be replaced by some relevant local and indigenous names. X

12.3.14 Removal of pensioner concessions on rates. Council voted unanimously not to replace the removal of this rebate from the State Government (due to removal of the grant from the Federal Government) and to campaign with the LGA to have it reinstated. >

16.4 Thomas Turner Reserve (TTR) Soccer Goals. Some people (NOT I add anyone connected to the clubs who hire the reserve) have been kicking soccer balls on the TTR junior pitches so hard that they repeatedly lob in the back yards of adjoining neighbours – sometimes over 20 times a NIGHT! I have asked for the goalposts to be moved – literally! >

16.5 Thomas Turner Reserve gate. This gate is meant to be opened at about 6am every morning and closed about 8pm at night to prevent hoons using the car park. It hasn’t happened for weeks much to the annoyance of local residents. >

16.6 Vickers Vimy Reserve, Northgate. Residents have asked for a shade sail cloth over the playground here so I asked staff to look at the cost of installing one. >

JANUARY – [Key – > item continuing, X – item concluded]

12.2.2 New parking controls along Karoomba Ave, Greenacres for Hampstead Primary School. X

12.2.3 After public consultation, new roundabouts will be installed in Delhi Ave, Hillcrest, to slow the traffic in the street and helpfully deter some from using it instead of North East Road. X

12.2.7 I amended the staff report’s recommendation on the Martin Street cul de sac road reserve upgrade issue by adding that residents of the street will be consulted as to what they would like to see on the adjacent Duncan Fraser Reserve with community consultation to occur in the next FY. >

12.2.8 The Thomas Turner Reserve junior pitches’ soccer goals are going to be pushed at least 10m (I added in the words ‘at least’ to the motion) further south which should reduce the incidence of big kicks going into the yards of adjoining neighbours. Took some effort but happy to get this matter fixed. X

12.3.2 The Parkway Reserve, Hampstead Gardens. I called for a report into upgrading this reserve as it looks a bit tired and needs some TLC. Staff said the playground had been upgraded 3 years ago. I successfully moved that Council put $50,000 in the next budget for an upgrade and consulted the local community on what they’d like to see there. >

14.1 Cr Osborn moved for a report into the construction of toilets on Roy Amer Reserve, Oakden. I supported this report to test the waters (sorry about that pun) and see how local residents feel about a public toilet being placed near the lakes. >

14.2 Cr Osborn moved for a report into traffic on Sir Ross Smith Boulevard, Oakden, including its impact from changes when the Strathmont Centre is closed, the changes to the North East Road/Sudholz Road intersection and reducing the traffic build up at peak hour at the Sudholz Road intersection. >

14.4 I successfully moved that Council will not allow a set of traffic lights to be built by CIC (Lightsview developers) on Folland Avenue, adjacent the Northgate Shopping Centre, until traffic lights are installed at the corner of Fosters Road, Sir Ross Smith Boulevard and Folland Avenue to replace the current roundabout, which is overloaded with traffic. >

14.6 I successfully moved that Council write to DPTI advising them Council will only support their proposed changes to the North East Road/Sudholz Road intersection on their agreement to 28 points. I did this after meeting with DPTI staff and consultation with residents and businesses. Almost all points had already been agreed to verbally, and there was perhaps 2 that needed refining. To my knowledge, Council is still awaiting a reply, 3 weeks later, and the works have started without Council’s approval. >

That’s it (phew!)

If you want to read the full reports or agendas on Council, feel free to do so –

Agendas are posted on the Council website by 5pm Friday preceding a Council meeting.

As ever, if you have any questions or statements to make on this post, fire away!

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