Lightsview Renaming

Another major happening in Northfield Ward!

CIC, the joint developers of Lightsview, have approached Council seeking our support in renaming the area bounded by Folland Avenue, Fosters Road, Redward Avenue and Hampstead Road to Lightsview.

Lightsview is the developer’s name for the current land development in the area, most of which is occurring in the suburb of Northgate (south of Folland Avenue).

The proposal is to tidy up the boundaries and make this entire area Lightsview, as a suburb name.

The formal approach to Council for this only occurred this year and Council staff appraised elected members of this proposal at a workshop on May 5th.

At this stage, Council has made no decision at all on what to do on this matter, but Council staff will be presenting a report to the June Council meeting which may recommend we go to full public consultation on this proposal.

I will provide updates on this webpage and if you would like to keep up to date on developments, please send me your email to be added to my Lightsview Renaming Email List.

The map of the proposed change is reproduced below.

Lightsview Proposed Boundary Change

UPDATE: 4/6/15

There is a fantastic article in the local City North Messenger about the proposed name change (story by Celeste Villani) which captures a wide range of local opinions about the proposed name change.

Just don’t read the comments section on the Adelaide Now website!

CIC (the Lightsview developers) on their Lightsview Facebook page has also mentioned The Advertiser article on the Lightsview renaming, which was much shorter:

I think the renaming for the area of Lighstview is great, but I don’t believe it should be foisted upon those people in the forty homes on the northern side of Redward Avenue who are currently called Greenacres and are nowhere near any current Lightsview homes, if they do not wish to change.

We can have both – Lightsview becomes Lighstview and Greenacres stays Greenacres.

The other issue will be the thoughts of the residents in the 103 dwellings in two different housing developments on the south side of Folland Avenue who have been there for about twenty years, and are currently Northfield.

We shall soon know!


I have included below the Council agenda for this issue, for the June 9th meeting of Port Adelaide Enfield Council.

Council staff’s recommendation is to consult first with Australia Post and emergency services, and if they approve, then to wider public consultation.

In the attachments to the report are the slides from the Council workshop of May 5th.

These pages are the most comprehensive explanation of the process to date and into the future, yet are easy to read and understand, so please read them:

Council Agenda Item 6.1 090615

UPDATE: 13/6/15

Council passed the following motion at its June 9th meeting:


Cr. Basham moved that Council resolves as follows:

1. That the Director Corporate Services’ report titled “Proposed renaming of portions of Northgate, Northfield and Greenacres to Lightsview” be received for information;

2. That the Geographical Names Unit be advised of Council’s support for emergency services and Australia Post to be consulted on the proposal;

3. That, subject to support from emergency service authorities and Australia Post, Council conducts community consultation on the proposal; 

4. That a further report be submitted to Council following community consultation; and

5. That the next report include the results of the public consultation being aggregated separately for each of the suburbs consulted.

Cr. Osborn seconded CARRIED.

So, if the consultation with Australia Post and emergency services supports the proposal, then full public consultation with all affected residents, businesses and property owners (as well as ads in the papers for anyone else to have their say if they wish) will go ahead.

Then a full report on the result of that public consultation will come back to Council WITH the responses separated into the three separate suburbs that is proposed to make up the new suburb of Lightsview. If, as I suspect, those people living in the southern part of Northgate and Northfield overwhelmingly support the idea, but those in the Greenacres part do not, then those in the Greenacres part can be left as is.

This result may not be ‘perfect’ from a neat boundary point of view but as we currently have dozens of properties in our Council area split between two suburbs, and this does not cause any undue hardship for those people for over sixty years (look at the boundary between Enfield and Clearview as an example), and here the boundary is currently a fence line, it is hardly a problem for anyone. Greenacres in this form as been like this for almost a hundred years.

I believe there is a further article on this in next week’s City North Messenger and also Channel Seven is intending to run a story on their Monday June 15th nightly News service (this story never aired).

Finally, for now, I doorknocked the properties in the affected area of Greenacres and found the following response to the proposed change:


I received answers from over 80% of residents but I understand I didn’t get everyone so these figures need to be taken in that context, as well as that I was not able to contact property owners who are not occupiers, which Council will do with its formal consultation.

UPDATE: 22/8/15

I have been advised by Council staff yesterday that full public consultation on this matter is about to begin.

Consultation with Australia Post and emergency services raised no serious concerns, so it is now the turn of the residents and property owners of the area, as well as the wider community, to be consulted.

Firstly, an ad will be in the City North Messenger of August 26th.

The State Government will be sending out a letter, feedback form and information sheet to residents and non-resident ratepayers in the area bounded by Fosters Road, Folland Avenue, Hampstead Road and Redward Avenue.

There will also be a website link with an online feedback form.

The closing date for feedback is Friday, September 25th 2015.

Once the consultation period has closed, the information will be collated and a report brought back to Council for their consideration. This report will include a recommendation from Council staff as to whether they recommend the name change for the whole area, for part of the area, or for no change to occur, obviously taking into account the feedback received.

Councillors will then make a decision. If we agree to a full or partial name change, then that proposal will go to the Minister for ratification.

If you wish to make a submission, please do so on the formal Council webpage or in the documents forwarded to you if you live or own property in the area, but I also welcome comment here – but any comment here does not count for the formal consultation phase.

UPDATE 31/8/15

An ad, reproduced below, has been published in the City North Messenger of August 26th, and letters to all affected residents and property owners have been sent out. Council has also set up a webpage for feedback here:

paper ad 260815


I will also be sending a letter out to all residents of the affected area as well as placing posters locally to ensure people are reminded to have their say on this matter.

I still welcome comments to me, either via email or via this webpage.

UPDATE 23/9/15

Council has received so far an astonishing return of over 25% to its Lightsview Renaming consultation – that’s over 600 responses!

I am delivering a letter to everyone in the area to remind them to have a say. To have your say is simple and can be done quickly by following this link:

or you can still write a letter with your name and address on it and drop into the Greenacres Library or ask me to pick it up and I will deliver for you.

Below are the documents Council explaining it all, sent to everyone who lives in, or owns property, in the affected areas:

SUBURBS_Affect Letter from GNB



The above are well worth a read if you haven’t already.

But please be quick in your response – it must be received by Council by Friday, September 25th – online by 11.59pm or 5pm if dropping a letter off at the library. Hurry!!


In one of the strangest debates in which I have ever participated, the City of Port Adelaide Council voted to approve the renaming of Lightsview for the WHOLE of the proposed area, including the area of Greenacres comprising 40 properties on the northern side of Redward Avenue and onto Hampstead Road.

This is the report Council staff submitted to Council:


Council Agenda item 12.3.4 131015

However, I asked staff to supply the responses of residents who lived in Greenacres. What I found, to my surprise, was that Council staff had miscounted the result for the Greenacres section. Instead of what they wrote in the report, “12 for and 8 against”, the actual figures were 9 for and 9 against.

Staff had included one resident’s response who didn’t live in the area, another one’s vote was recorded twice, and they had neglected to count a land owner’s response in the totals.

Councillors were aware of the correct numbers, as I read them out; but to no avail.

I found this odd, but some afterwards told me that as far as they were concerned, the whole area needed to be included one way or another.

ITEM 12.3.4 LIGHTSVIEW PROPOSED SUBURB RENAMING – CONSULTATION OUTCOMES Cr. Basham moved that Council resolves as follows:                                                           1. That the Director Corporate Services’ report “Lightsview proposed suburb renaming –      Consultation outcomes” be received for information;                                                            2. That the Surveyor-General be advised of the outcomes of the community consultation;    3. That Council recommend to the Surveyor-General that the proposed area be renamed  Lightsview, with the exception of the area of Greenacres.                                                    Cr. Russell seconded                                                                                                          As an Amendment Cr. Osborn moved as follows:                                                                       1. That the Director Corporate Services’ report “Lightsview proposed suburb renaming –  Consultation outcomes” be received for information;                                                            2. That the Surveyor-General be advised of the outcomes of the community consultation;      3. That Council recommend to the Surveyor-General that the proposed area be renamed  Lightsview; and                                                                                                                  4. That Council administration prepares a proforma or a list of organisations to contact and  provides it to residents online to assist with the transition to the new suburb of Lightsview,  as well as to residents who specifically requested this assistance and upon further request.      Cr. Hubycz seconded                                                                                              AMENDMENT CARRIED.                                                                                                      The MOTION as AMENDED was CARRIED.                                                                            Cr. Basham called for a Division. The Division was taken and resulted as follows:- Those in  favour: Councillors McCluskey, Jamieson, Wright, Hogan, Boan, Guscott, Wilcock,  Iammarrone, Martin, McKay, Hubycz and Osborn                                                            Those Against: Councillors Croci, Barca, Russell and Basham.                                      MOTION CARRIED.

I wish to make it clear that I supported all of the proposed area to be renamed Lightsview, with the exception of the aforementioned small area of Greenacres. Hopefully, some persons don’t try and twist the voting outcome dishonestly to indicate otherwise.

The Council’s recommendation for the whole area to be renamed Lightsview will be submitted to the Minister for Infrastructure (“the Surveyor General”), who I understand will be happy to oblige, and the change will come into effect early next year. 

So, finally, Lightsview WILL be the new suburb name of the whole area bounded by Hampstead Road, Redward Avenue, Fosters Road and Folland Avenue, subject to inevitable State Government rubber stamping.

When this happens, and I hear a date, I will update again.


I was informed by Council staff late this afternoon that the Minister for Infrastructure has ordered that the name Lightsview be gazetted as the new name for the area as indicated in the map above, as of March 27th 2016 (see, I told you it was going to be late March).

This was in today’s (April 7th) State Government Gazette.

So, if you are living in the above area, you no longer live in Northgate, Northfield or Greenacres, but Lightsview, already.

The notice is here:

Lightsview Renaming Gazettal

You don’t need to go the Land Services website to see the new boundaries, they are per the map above, and as described above.

Council staff are now in the process of working out a communications plan on advising affected residents, businesses and landowners, and to advise same on who needs to be notified.

Australia Post, I understand, will continue to deliver mail addressed to the areas now to be called Lightsview if addressed still to Northgate, Northfield or Greenacres, ad infinitum, so there is no panic here people!

By the way, the postcode for Lightsview will be 5085.

Feel free to continue to comment or ask questions if you wish to.


  • I understand why Lightsview would like to have its own identity in reference to maps, emergency services , transport etc. A concern that I have with making Lightsview a suburb in its own right is the impact that it will have on Northgate’s medium house / unit prices upon Lightsview being separated from Northgate – correct me if I am wrong but any house / unit / apartment / land sales that occurs now in Lightsview comes under Northgate.

  • Thank you Andrew for your comment.
    I am not aware of any law prohibiting real estate agents from describing the property sale or lease details to be described as the development name in lieu of the suburb name, and a quick check of real estate listings shows they are describing property for sale in Lighstview as ‘Lightsview’ and not ‘Northgate’.
    I have checked a recent sale with a conveyancer and that property sale in Lighstview was correctly described in the legal paperwork as ‘Northgate’.

  • I have lived in Lightsview (Northgate) for about a year and am currently building in the estate as well. I only describe the suburb as Lightsview to my friends and family. Northgate is such a diverse suburb and by describing it as such it helps others understand what part of the area I live in. Having it renamed officially is a great idea.

  • Hi Mark, you have missed my point I was trying to make try RPData and look up the sales data / history for the suburb which potential purchasers / sellers use to gauge / obtain a house / unit dollar value from, see if this comes under Lightsview or Northgate.

    • My apologies Andrew. I have now looked up RPData and they do not list Lightsview as a location at all – all Lightsview addresses are listed under Northgate. If the two are separated then you are quite right, there would be different RPData location and sales reports etc for the two different suburbs in the future. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Hi Mark, can you give us an update on the proposal for the renaming of the Lightsview area and how long a process like this usually takes? Thankyou.

    • Yes, Daniel, good timing on your questions!
      This afternoon I found out that an ad will be appearing in the local Messenger Press next Wednesday and letters going out to all residents and property owners soon after that. I will be updating this page with more information as soon as I receive it, which may not be until next week.
      As far as the length of the process, once the formal public consultation process starts, it is normally around a further 6 months or so to allow that to take its course, responses collated, a report to Council then once Council makes a decision (assuming a ‘yes’ or a part ‘yes’, then to the Minister for final approval then publication in the State Government Gazette to make it official. I expect March next year for the new name to come into practice, if all things progress as I predict.

  • Hi Mark,

    Have there been any new updates on this?


    • Hi Binh

      We are still awaiting formal approval from the Minister as of today, so it is running a bit behind schedule.
      I do not know when the name ‘Lightsview’ will formally come into effect.

  • Why not re-name all of Northgate to Lightsview.
    I have lived in Northgate for 10 years.
    When “Lightsview” came on as a development it was marketed as part of Northgate.
    What are the economic or other benefits that will apply to Lightsview?
    If there are any will these apply to other non “Lightsview” Residents within the Council area?

    Regards Rob.

    • Rob

      I do not think the vast majority of residents of Northgate in the area north of Folland Avenue would agree with you in changing the whole area to Lightsview.

      I can not see any particular economic benefits Lightsview may accrue as a separate entity, and in fact the suburb renaming legislation expressly forbids that to be taken into account. It was certainly supported by the developers, CIC, to differentiate it from the northern part of Northgate, and by emergency services and Council staff to make the suburb boundaries clear and tidy.

      Nor can I see any particular economic benefits accruing to other suburbs due to the renaming of the southern portion of Northgate to Lightsview, even though some in the northern part of Northgate have told me they are happy for Lightsview to have its own suburb name due to their disdain for the housing styles in Lightsview.

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