More on Party Politics in Local Government – even more unbelievable

My comments at the bottom the story on the Adelaide Now website (link below, but you will need to right click it to read) should be sufficient for you to understand my point of view, but what worries me is that the current Australian Local Government Association President should be saying these things is a worry.

I understand some people are fans of political parties, and good for them, our democracy needs them too, but I am not going to roll over and shut up when the political class wants to force their agenda down our throats against the will of the people.

I have little doubt that in four years time we will have open party politics in local government and compulsory voting to boot and Councils will not be one bit better for it, unless some of the Independents and minor parties in State Parliament have the balls to oppose it, but that I doubt. I hope I will be proven wrong on that.

What do you think?


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