Northfield Rezoning

This is the page where you can find out all the publicly available information on the proposed rezoning (Development Plan Amendment – DPA) of the Light Industry zone for Northfield.

This page will be updated whenever more information becomes publicly available so email me to be put on my Northfield Rezoning Email List and I will email you when there is an update.

Aerial map of the proposed rezoning:

Map of Rezoning Area

The cadastral map of the proposed rezoning:

Cadastral Map of Rezoning Area

Other important links regarding the proposed rezoning:

8 April 2014 AGENDA for Strategic Planning & Development Policy Committee Meeting

8 April 2014 Minutes for SPDPC Meeting – Minutes of the above meeting

SPDPC Agenda 10 March 2015 – Strategic Planning & Development Policy Committee Agenda for its meeting of 10/3/15 – includes Statement of Intent for rezoning.

SPDPC Minutes 10 March 2015 – Minutes of the above meeting

Northfield Rezoning Newsletter V1 Page 1 – Page 1 of the first edition of my Newsletter

Northfield Rezoning Newsletter V1 Page 2 – Page 2 of the first edition of my Newsletter

My newsletter was delivered on April 10th and 11th to residents and businesses in the adjacent areas.

UPDATE 28/4/15:

The City North Messenger have published an article on this matter with an interview from the owner of most of the land in question; the link to it is here on Adelaide Now:

It is disappointing that Adelaide Now (the website for the local Messenger & The Advertiser) won’t publish my comment on the above page which was simply pointing readers to this webpage. This is not the fault or decision of the journalist or editor of the paper who I believe handled this story very well. I don’t know why Adelaide Now won’t publish my comment but I have made mention of it on Twitter so if that elicits a response I will post it here.

A photo of the City North Messenger article is here:

City North Messenger 290415 page 3

City North Messenger 290415 page 3

What do you think? Please have your say or ask a question below.

UPDATE 16/9/2016

Port Adelaide Enfield Council at its Strategic Planning & Development Policy Committee meeting of September 13th 2016 voted to send the proposed rezoning to public consultation.

I made changes to the public consultation originally proposed as I felt it was vital that all residents, businesses and property owners in the part of Northfield north of Grand Junction Road were included in the consultation, by a letter asking for your opinions.

Public consultation will be:


& Closing 5PM FRIDAY NOVEMBER 18TH 2016

I also rewrote the motion to ensure that the public meeting will be held in the most suitable PAE Council facility closest to the proposed DPA area, rather than the Council Chambers in Port Adelaide, to make it as easy as possible for you to be heard.

Due to the expected high level of interest in this meeting , the location will be the   Hillcrest Community Centre, with the meeting to be held from 7pm on December 6th.

For me, your voice in this consultation is critical and I wanted to be sure that  Council makes every opportunity available for you to be heard!

In addition to a letter sent to all residents, businesses and property owners north of Grand Junction Road in Northfield, ads will appear in the local MessengerThe Advertiser and Government Gazette.

Copies of the proposed zoning changes are available to be read at all Council libraries, can be bought from them for $25.50, read online for free at:

or, if you ask politely, I will deliver one to you, at my cost, free of charge to you.

The bad news is it is 70 pages of planning jargon. You are welcome to speak to relevant Council staff for more information if you wish – their contact numbers will be made available during the consultation period.

The Council report, which I have supplied as a link below, explains it a little better.


Regardless, I shall be doorknocking the area adjacent to the proposed DPA in October to speak to affected residents personally and to assist in your enquiries, as I am an expert on planning matters and can translate the jargon. If you wish to speak to me earlier, please feel free to contact me via email or this page preferably, or by call if need be.

Please note, I have not made my mind in any way about this rezoning proposal, so please do not think there is any agenda on my part to support or to oppose the plans. I want to listen to your views, and my position will only be made after listening to all respondents.

I shall update residents with more information as it comes to hand, on this page, and via email.

My Northfield Rezoning Newsletter September 2016:


UPDATE 21/9/2016

Public consultation on this proposal is now open and will remain so until November 18th 2016, so you have 8 weeks to comment. We don’t rush things around here!

I will be sending out another newsletter in November to remind people to lodge their submissions, as well as doorknocking through October.

The public notice in the City North Messenger below (I had to photograph it in 3 bits to make it fit!):

public-notice-sept16-1 public-notice-sept16-2 public-notice-sept16-3

Remember, as much I love your feedback here, for your voice to count, you must lodge it with the Council, not on this website or by email to me. You can lodge it with Council via letter (post to PO Box 110, Port Adelaide 5015; or drop it off to one of our library/offices), or give it to me and I shall drop it off for you, or by email direct to Council at – all submissions are made public, there is no legal provision for a ‘private’ one.

If you have any questions on the process or plan, you may call either Council’s Urban Planner, Mr Tony Kamenjarin on 8405 6007 (direct line) or email him at – OR, you may also contact me, but all written correspondence to me I must send on to Council staff by law, or you can phone me for a confidential conversation.

I have already had a number of queries from residents since my newsletter went out, so I thought it might be useful to answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions here:

Q: Is this rezoning going to go ahead?
A: Not definitely. The ultimate decision on whether it occurs, and what provisions are in it, by State Government law sits with the Minister for Planning.

Q: How long before the rezoning takes place, if it does?
A: Without quoting the cliche about a piece of string…I would expect it may take a further 9 to 18 months from now, and ultimately depends on how long the Minister for Planning and his staff take to process all the details.

Q: Why has Wicklow Street not been included in the rezoning?
A: The rezoning was proposed by the property owners of the area bounded by the current Light Industrial Zone. Any adjacent area could be considered to be added to the rezoning proposal with the consent of the proponents and/or by Council, if requested to do so.

Q: Can we stop extra traffic down Holt and Brown Streets if this goes ahead?
A: With the proposal for the housing at the end of Holt Street, it would be highly logical for Holt Street to be extended into that new housing area. More of a concern for residents (both existing and future) I would think, is to prevent traffic wishing to go to the shopping precinct down Holt and Brown Streets. Whereas the current plan implies this is not the case, if I was a resident there I would be pushing to make it very clear that no vehicular access is possible from the east or south to the shopping precinct.

Q: Is Council going to rezone or sell off its reserves in the area?
A: No.

Q: Do I have to talk at the public meeting?
A: No. You can lodge a written submission and leave it at that. You can attend the public meeting, and even if you said you wish to speak, choose not to. You can also ask someone else to speak on your behalf, such as a neighbour, friend, family member, or professional planning representative or lawyer. Totally your choice.

Q: Will my property value increase or decrease if this goes ahead?
A: Not only do I not have the professional skills to answer that, it is something outside of Council’s jurisdiction to answer. Seek professional real estate valuer’s advice.

UPDATE 23/9/2016

Oops, my previous update jumped the gun a bit as public consultation didn’t actually begin until the following day, September 22nd, but I doubt anyone would have been inconvenienced one way or the other, but I do apologise to Council staff who picked up the error.

Since then, Council has updated its website and the public consultation for this is, curiouosly, not located under ‘Public Consultation’ as I wrote in my newsletter, but can be found here:

As part of this page, Council staff have helpfully prepared a simpler explanation of how the Northfield DPA works here:


Please note, I shall be doorknocking the homes adjacent to the rezoning in October to seek your input and to assist you in what the proposal may mean for you and your property in the future.

UPDATE 17/10/2016

The Advertiser (and no doubt the City North Messenger this week ) have published a curious, if well written, story, on the above rezoning, which is linked here:

I am not sure where the idea for a new suburb has come from – there is no proposal or suggestion in any way to change the name of this part of the suburb from Northfield. The last time it was suggested was from someone who didn’t even live in the area and that was back about ten years ago.

The story also manages to completely miss that a large portion of the proposed rezoning is for a shopping and commercial precinct.

I think it is also important to point out that the Council is not pushing for the rezoning – it is the property owners of the proposed rezoned land and they are paying for the rezoning investigation as well, which is a good thing.

The Council has not made up its mind about it yet (like me). It is the authority under the Development Act of State Parliament that has to process the rezoning – and that is what it is doing for now. Early next year Council will make a decision on it, with suggestions for conditions of approval if we are in agreement – then convey that to the Minister for Planning who has the final say.

On another unrelated matter, you may hear a rumour of a proposed mosque in the area. This is not quite the case – the proposal is for Bridge Road, Pooraka, north of Montague Road, in the Salisbury Council area.

I will commence doorknocking this weekend (October 22nd/23rd) in Stirling, Holt and Brown Streets. If I miss you, feel free to contact me for a personal visit at a mutually convenient time.

UPDATE 18/10/2016

This is not directly related to the Northfield DPA but a Development Application has been lodged with the City of Port Adelaide Enfield to turn the old Yatala Deli building into a restaurant.

As I am a member of Council’s Development Assessment Panel and may have to vote on this matter in the future, I cannot legally comment or receive feedback on this matter at this time, so for once please do not let me know what you think to me directly.

However, this matter has gone for public notification and soon the details will be available at: and also by letter to adjacent properties and an ad in the City North Messenger.

Speaking of Development Applications in the northern part of Northfield, I have been asked what is happening with the proposal to build a service station on the corner of Grand Junction Road and Briens Road.

The Council’s Development Assessment Panel voted to approve this earlier this year, but the application was subject to a late appeal by one of the respondents, namely, one of the property owners who is a proponent of the Northfield DPA. This matter is now working itself through the State Government’s Environmental, Resources and Development Court and again, I am unable to comment on it, or seek an opinion on this matter at this time.

I will update you on the progress of the above two when news comes to hand.

UPDATE 7/11/2016

I have almost completed doorknocking of the area of Northfield most affected by the proposed rezoning and listened to the views of many residents.

My focus of this exercise has been for residents and property owners to put forward their opinion – whatever that is – so Council and the Planning Minister can take that into account when we make our decisions on this proposed rezoning.

Some residents have serious concerns about the impact of this proposal – almost all of which CAN be fixed as part of this process – but unless people put this in writing with their name to it, Council and the Government will never know.

To assist in this, I will be putting out another newsletter in the week starting November 7th which will include a template on how residents and property owners can have their say, and I shall also email this template to everyone on my mailing list.

At the time of writing only a few submissions have been made (you are allowed to submit a supplementary submission) but I know most people have not made one yet.

I will continue to doorknock until all I have spoken to as many affected residents as I can.

UPDATE 16/11/2016

Less than 3 days to get in your submission for the proposed rezoning of the Light Industry Zone in Northfield to create a new Shopping/Commercial and Residential precinct.


I have completed doorknocking about 100 dwellings in the area most adjacent to the proposed rezoning, and have a fair idea of the thoughts of most residents, plus also having heard from a few who have emailed me who live further afield, including non-occupiers.

I wish to thank everyone who has given me their opinions and/or made a submission.

Council staff tell me a number of submissions have been lodged already, but some have not indicated whether they wish to be heard at the public meeting, or not, so take this chance to email the Council – to say you reserve the right to speak at the meeting if you have not already done so.

Council’s information on the rezoning is still available here:

Even though all of you living in Northfield north of Grand Junction Road should already have this, here is the first page of my latest Newsletter, number 3:

If you haven’t received or wish for another copy of the proforma submission form I delivered to the local area on Monday, here it is:

You only have until Friday 5pm to lodge your submission so if you don’t trust Australia Post to deliver it on time, or cannot make it to the Greenacres library, you can email your submission to the Council at or I can pick it up from your home by Friday.

A week before the public meeting I will be sitting down with relevant Council staff and going through all submissions and from there will work with them to craft an amended proposal for the rezoning, based on the feedback received, and make this available to you for further (private) feedback.

Finally, thank you also to all who spoke to me, to those who also reported numerous Council matters to me (footpaths, crossovers, signs, traffic issues etc) – I am still working my way through them and will contact you individually once ‘your’ matter has been resolved or earlier if necessary, and to those who said no more than thanks for asking, well, that’s great too!

I look forward to seeing most of you again at the Public Meeting on December 6th.

UPDATE 25/11/2016

Public submissions are now available on the Council website – go to the page here to read them:

As you may notice, even though names are on submissions as per law, Council staff have removed contact details for privacy reasons.

By State Government law, submissions from State Government agencies and other Councils are not required to be publicly listed. Crap law if you ask me.

In other news, the application for the new service station at 701 Grand Junction Road on the site of the former pool and spa place, formerly a car yard, formerly service stations if we go back far enough, was been withdrawn by the applicant (Andrash Pty Ltd, for a Caltex Service Station) a few weeks ago.

This was after the owners of 26 Briens Road, the main proponents of the proposed rezoning took them to the Environmental Resources and Development Court after the City of Port Adelaide Enfield’s Development Assessment Panel (of which I am a member) approved the service station at its July meeting.

I have no idea what may happen to that currently vacant site now.

Finally, if you need transport to, and from, the public meeting at the Hillcrest Community Centre at 7pm, Council staff have kindly agreed to my suggestion to offer a taxi journey for you, at Council’s cost.

If you need this service, please let me know by 4pm on December 5th.


Last night Council heard from 15 people at its Northfield DPA public meeting, held at the Hillcrest Community Centre.

And what an eye opener it was, with far more submissions opposing the proposed shopping centre rezoning than supporting it, thanks to a strong attendance by those representing opposing local shopping centres and supermarkets, spirited opposition by Roma Mitchell Secondary College representatives, and even the local SES weighing in against it.

The concerns of local residents centred on traffic issues, which I had expected from my doorknocking of the local area, but that included concerns for the traffic situation on Briens Road too.

Other issues raised included:

  • Concerns re tavern and fast food outlets for shopping centre;
  • The closing of Lang Street, and creation of a second parallel road;
  • Too many shops in the area already for too few shoppers;
  • Traffic survey completed before Roma Mitchell SC was operating;
  • Contamination of land proposed for housing;
  • Request to include additional areas along Grand Junction Road into rezoning.

There are a couple of matters people need to understand about the DPA before I continue:

  • The land proposed to be rezoned is privately owned. Council cannot ‘force’ the landowners into turning it into a park, or into a particular type of shop. Council cannot force you to turn your home into a park or shop either;
  • Council will not buy the land to make a park there. This area of Northfield has the highest proportion of parks/green space of any suburb in our entire Council. However, regardless of whether the land becomes shops, residential or other (as long as it doesn’t stay as it is), the property owners will need to give Council 12.5% of the land for parks/open space, by dint of State Government legislation. This is good of course, and if that occurs I will ensure Council consults local residents as to the best way to design those parks.


Well, after all that excitement, the next question is, “Where to from here?”. 

Council staff will add the submissions made at the public meeting to the ones submitted in writing, and in conjunction with the proponents of the DPA, see where we can find some common ground to amend the DPA. I am not sure how that is going to play out to be honest, but we shall see.

Once that work is done, Council staff will present a report to the Council, probably in March or April of 2017, and then Council will decide which direction the DPA takes from there. I cannot even begin to guess what that may be, but I for one, am finding it increasingly difficult to see how I could support the proposed rezoning with the information I have in front of me, for a number of reasons.

I will be sending out a newsletter on the rezoning in January which will contain updated information about the implications if the proposed shopping centre part of the DPA fails, which I suspect it may.

Council staff have promised to update the Council website with more information soon, so I shall post the link to that here when it is done.

Finally, for now, I would like to thank all of the people who have spoken to me, written to me, or have otherwise responded to Council in regard to this DPA. It has been a wonderful experience meeting so many of you, and assisting so many to have their say on the shaping of their local community.

Have a safe, but Merry, Christmas and Happy New Year!

Remember, to save checking on this website for updates, I can add you to my email list for the Northfield Rezoning and whenever there is an update, you will be notified via your email with the link to this page.
Just email me at or add a comment below to arrange this.


On March 15th the elected members of the City of Port Adelaide Enfield and a few staff (and two members of the public whom I did not recognise) attended the Council’s briefing on the Northfield DPA (Rezoning) proposal.

Now, I will make it clear that this gathering was a briefing session, at which under the Local Government Act, no decisions can be made. Elected members of Council can discuss and ask questions, but neither they nor staff can ‘make decisions’.

This briefing was also open to the public to attend but not speak.

The session was brilliantly run by Council’s Urban Planner, Tony Kamenjarin, with expert assistance from Council’s independent peer reviewer, Grazio Maiorano, of URPS.

I said I would take copious notes on my Facebook page to post here, but the presentation was so all all encompassing there was no need to – everything you need to know is in the presentation.

The briefing was based on a PowerPoint presentation – so if you don’t have PowerPoint, I will photocopy the pages and drop them off for you to read.

Tony and Grazio did a great job explaining the background to the rezoning proposal and the results of the public consultation, with some comments on their suggestions as to how to vary the proposed wording of the DPA’s Desired Character Statements to reflect the views of the residents.

Some of the PowerPoint slides are pretty technical, and to be honest, rather boring and apparently not relevant to the DPA (they are still), but I have left them all in for public perusal and for you to digest. Make your own conclusions.

If you have any questions about this process or the presentation, please call Tony Kamenjarin at the Council on 8405 6007.

Not only is Tony an expert on this and a great bloke, he has the knack of explaining the complex technical points into layperson’s terms and is also a good listener.

You of course are also welcome to contact me in regard to this matter.

Council staff will not continue to work on this matter and will present a report to the May meeting of Council for consideration. At that meeting (which is public), Council will vote on whether to progress this DPA (with some changes as outlined in the presentation) and forward it to the Minister for further consideration, or to withdraw it, or to delay it and make further changes.

I do not know which way the Council will vote on this. In the meantime, thanks for reading my webpage and here is the PowerPoint presentation below, it is suggested you read it in ‘Slide Show’ mode.

EM workshop re submissions & SCPA report 20170315

What do you think? Let me know below!


The DPA (rezoning) has now been approved, after some significant amendments by Council, after listening to local residents on their concerns, and referred to the Planning Minister for his decision.

This doesn’t mean it will go ahead in its current form, or at all, as the law states it us up to the Planning Minister (John Rau MP SC) to make the final decision, and he can do as he pleases.
Everything is pretty well explained in my newsletter attached below, but one matter I forgot to explain is what is to happen to the local roads adjacent Briens Road.

Considerable angst was caused because of the confusing graphic on the map of the proposed rezoning, showing that Laing Street was to be closed, but not the reason why or the way traffic was to be handled in that area.

The proposal is for Laing Street to be closed at Briens Road, but a new street to be opened right next to and parallel to it, with a new set of traffic lights, allowing vehicles to leave this new street and turn right or left safely. This is all to be paid for by the shopping centre/property developer.

This will be a boon for local residents, having a safe exit out of the area to turn left or right.

Unfortunately, because of the misreading of the plan for closing Laing Street (and not it being obvious that a new road next to it was being opened up), genuine concern was raised about the reopening of Neville Street at Briens Road.

Fortunately, I can tell you without fear of contradiction, Council (nor anyone) will be reopening Neville Street. Not happening, never.

Now that is cleared up, feel free to ask a question or comment below, and all there is left to do is to wait for the Minister to make up his mind on the rezoning.

When he does, you will hear about it here, first!

Northfield Rezoning Newsletter V4 Pages 1 & 2


  • Lorna Hartland

    Hi Mark,

    Please put me on your Northfield rezoning email list. My husband and I have lived in Northfield for the past 54 years and have seen many wonderful changes made to the area. We will follow information on the rezoning with interest.

  • We too have been here 50 years and this was in the plans then but the old Tube Mills would be a Woolworths warehouse (now located on Main North Road). SO what will be done about it if there is ground pollution from the said factory? I would hate to see a recurrence of the Col Light Gardens problem.
    Vehicle access to the centre should be limited to Briens Road and GJ road none from Holt or Brown Streets.
    Will the housing become the small narrow sites council seems happy to allow? Not the 3 on one block which has been suggested by greedy developers trying to buy us out. There is already this problem in our street and its not pretty.
    Awaiting more information as it comes to hand.

    • Thanks for the comments Su.
      I thought I would reply to your comments now, as consultation is closing soon.
      Property developers have to organise (expensive) core hole digs on any site suspected of being contaminated. These properties certainly belong in that category. These samples are analyzed and reported to the EPA and are made available to Council.
      I do not know what you mean by the “Col Light Gardens problem” – I am not aware of any contamination in that suburb, ever, and there has never been any industry there either.
      I accept your comment about vehicle access from Holt & Brown Streets.
      As for the small narrow sites, Council’s planning is bound by the State Government’s Development Act which includes Council’s Development Plan. These are the two main documents Council staff use when assessing developments. No changes can be made to these without the consent of the State Planning Minister. So, if you do not like what is being approved, you could talk to your local MP about changing it. I believe this would be a waste of time as it is clear urban consolidation in Adelaide is here to stay, and even more medium and high density is the way of the future to restrict urban sprawl, whether you or I like it or not, but you are welcome to disagree with that!

  • Not happy with proposed closure of Lang street this will create far more traffic passing through Hoods road, Sterling street already a rat run for traffic hold ups on Briens road and cars speeding along both will create even more worries for children at both North field primary and the super school

    • I am completely baffled why closing off Lang Street will cause more traffic along Hoods Road and Stirling Street. Lang Street has virtually no traffic now at all. There is a proposed set of traffic lights to be built at the new proposed shopping centre so that will soak up those wishing to access that.
      I accept Stirling Street and Hoods Road can be a race track when Briens Road is blocked for whatever reason, but that is the same for any side streets when there is a major traffic disruption. I cannot see for the life of me why this proposal will affect that, but of course Council can look at slowing traffic along both those roads and I shall be asking for this to be done at the next Council meeting.

  • The unfolding ramifications of this proposed development will be interesting…Grand Junction and Briens Roads already carry heavy traffic during peak periods with long back logs from their intersection. Peak period is beginning to blend into an all day period. The ripple effect from such residential development with extra egress points will not only affect those in close proximity but will have an inevitable ripple effect on Hoods Road also. When there are road/gas works on Briens/Grand Junction /Hampstead Roads Hoods Road is already used as a short cut/avoidance route and puts one in mind of a Formula One raceway…top speed from the incessant flow of vehicles from the bottom of the road to the fairly tight right turn at the jail.

  • Further to the comments from E Garland I would like to add that I have requested on several occasions to have slow points placed in Stirling street it is a race track in the mornings when there is a hold up on Briens road and that stretches right back to South terrace so its just a matter of turning into Dorothy or twin streets then racing up Hoods road around to Stirling st. We did get the strips laid across once many years ago but only from 4pm on the first day to just after 9am on the second day so they were down for less than 24 hours NOT the 4 days I was told was recorded

    • Thanks again Su.
      I have no knowledge of you asking for a slow point on Stirling Street, but as you can see from my earlier reply, I will be asking Council staff to look at it.
      Further, I have asked Council staff to install new “No Through Road” signs at the entrance to Holt and Brown Streets to prevent errant vehicles from entering those streets looking for an exit to Grand Junction or Briens Road.

  • thanks Mark,
    I am sorry I missed the meeting
    These issues are important to us who live on Briens road
    Surrounding streets should remain as these are now.
    Some of us who live on Briens road need those streets to access our homes during peak times.
    It is life threatening to attempt cutting in front of crazy traffic to enter our driveways so we ‘go around a block’ to find ourselves on our ‘safe’ side. Even these necessary tactics almost cause road rages and fingers are flying our way.
    We don’t need a shopping centre. Shopping is easy in our region.Perhaps a deli but these days are gone too.
    School is good and that’s enough here.
    STOP D DOUBLES USING BRIENS ROAD (a convenient shortcut for these guys)
    Trucks here are HELL

  • There doesn’t seem to be any advance on what is proposed or is it because the report is so hard to understand for us plebs. I still cannot see why Laing street has to be closed An enormous waste of ratepayers money

    • Thanks for your comment, Su.
      If Laing Street is closed and a new road constructed to feed the shopping centre, then this would be done at the expense of the developer. They would also be expected to pay for the new traffic lights and other infrastructure put in to serve the shopping centre.

  • Mark, the potential introduction of a Tavern is completely irresponsible. We currently have The Bridgeway, Coopers Alehouse, Hotel Enfield and Grand North all within 1 – 2 kms. Surely creating extra competition for the hell of it, upon businesses already under pressure, as well as placing a Tavern within metres of high school makes very little sense. I hope this part of any redevelopment is removed from any proposal. Regards, Greg

    • Thanks for your comment, Greg.
      I believe the Council staff are looking at ways that the proposed DPA can be worded in such a way that one of the Desired Character Statements (DCS) effectively reads that a Tavern is a non-complying use, or similar.
      The danger with that, even if that was approved as part of the DPA, is 1. The Minister may vary the wording to add a Tavern as an envisaged use in the area or 2. The relevant planning authority down the track may choose to ignore the relevant DCS anyway and approve a Tavern.

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