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If you are reading this, it is probably because you would have received one of my Northgate Newsletters on the proposed 40km/hr zone in Northgate (as above).

As mentioned in the newsletter, I have no opinion on the matter at this stage, and am keen to know what people think. This is not official Council consultation but Council staff and Councillors may take it into account when making a decision whether to carry this matter forward or not, like they did for the Oakden/Hillcrest consultation back in 2014.

The Northgate Oakden Residents Association (NORA), of which I am a Committee Member, has no opinion on this matter at this stage, and may undertake their own consultation, as is their right.

Please add your thoughts below to the debate but please note that I will moderate them before publication and they will be public, even though I will not publish your email address.

UPDATE 22/3/16

A reasonable number of responses have come in now, on this webpage, via email, via text, via Facebook and even some via Australia Post (you may remember hand written letters – if not, ask a parent).

However, even though the number of responses overall are already higher per capita than the Hillcrest/Oakden consultation, the overall percentage is still low.

I will keep consultation going until March 31st so please keep the responses coming.

Thank you to everyone who has responded, which ever way you did!


  • I don’t think we require 40km speed limit

    • I’m sure you’re one of the switched on residents that realises you need to drive to the conditions rather than the posted speed limit – however, Navigator Drive is used as a shortcut for people coming through as quickly as they can (because it’s the same limit as Dumfries, Folland etc) and it is just a matter of time before a child is killed or seriously injured as these people have no regard for the safety of others.
      I am not one to pander to the lowest common denominator, however, other than installing speed humps, dead ends and other changes to the roads I can see not alternative to lowering the limit to encourage these people to slow down or use main roads.

      • As a ratepayer and a responsible adult, I do not support the lowering of speed limits, this needs to be a state wide coordinated approach, not something be done local councils. Traffic flow within Adelaide is already too congested and by further lowering already sensible speed limits more, the only result will be additional traffic on the main roads. I for one do not support this action as it impacts on everyone using the roads and will require additional money to be spent to fix the new traffic jams that this will cause

        What about the parents teaching their children road safety (as I have done and continue to do so), what about parents accepting both accountability and responsibility for their children

  • The 40km speed limit will make no difference to the area.

  • Raelene Pearson

    The 40 speed limit would good as we have parks and also a school. Around the parks we have people with children and other with dogs. Also we often have wild ducks walking across the street.

    • I walk my dog and play with my child in Northgate and I don’t see what the issue is, or is it because I am an adult

  • A 40km speed limit is definately needed, I witness on a daily basis people using our street as a race track. There are always children going & coming to school, and also the park in front of our house is always used.

    • So what have you done about this, have you contacted the police and given them the rego numbers

      Northgate is a big area, just put proper school crossings in with lights and this will resolve the issue, the current scheme of 25 when children are present is just rubbish and does not work

      • I have to agree with Rodney about school signs. Having driven interstate often and seeing their school signs leaves ours in SA somewhat inefficient. The 25 when children present signs are useless.
        We need the kind of signage used in NSW and Queensland (just to name a few) where they have posted: School Zone, speed limit (40) and before and after school hours 7-9 & 2-4.
        Nice big huge signs warning motorists of where they are. This works wonderfully as all traffic slows down way before they hit the school zone. This type of signage teaches and propagates the kind of driver behavior required to save lives near schools.
        They also have zig zag lines on the road regardless of it being a suburban street or a main road.
        I notice that on Fosters Road in front of Cedar College there are no lines showing you have entered or left a school zone, like they are around the Northfield Primary School as an example. This also applies on the other side of the College where you cannot get through the roundabout due to parents stopping traffic because they want to turn into the school and there is a long lineup bumper to bumper in the middle of the road all around the roundabout. Blocking traffic or blocking a roadway is illegal. Where is the signage around this school to prevent this from happening?

        • Hello Lidia
          See my earlier comment to Rodney about fixing the Cedar College pick up dramas along Navigator Drive. The reason their are no signs is because it is not a designated pick uo or drop off zone – it has just evolved from school land and overgrown from school property. Council is, at my behest, already looking at improving this area to prevent the very real problems you have articulately outlined.

  • Not in favour

  • I think the 40km speed limit is vital to safety. People are using Northgate as a ‘shortcut’ due to the arterial roads being blocked and feed in roads (such as Folland Avenue) being the same speed limit. Living near the park I see DAILY occurrences of people driving around the roundabouts at excessive speeds and risking harm to others with their manner of driving. Our kerbing is smashed from cars hitting it – its only a matter of time before someone is standing nearby when they mount the kerb.
    The area is not designed for 50km/h traffic but unfortunately people will drive to and above the posted limit even if it unsafe (please let me know if you have a great idea to get people to slow down without reducing the speed limit).
    Anyone that doesn’t agree needs to stand out the back of Cedar collage every day and see the near misses with the children trying to cross the road and the local kids trying to cross the road to go to the park.
    It doesn’t need to effect me to realise that somebody is going to die if it doesn’t change.
    Please, please support this push for safer streets in Northgate.

    • I don’t agree at all, and I have children, you need to get the parents NOT to block the road and roundabouts at the back of the school. Better spend your time and energy and get the roads fixed and the traffic will flow and be safer for everyone. What about the parents teaching their children road safety, what about parents accepting both accountability and responsibility for their children, the world is not a safe place so prepare your children now

  • It will create safer streets within our local community. I am 100% behind reducing the speed limit.

  • YES YES YES – PLEASE do this to make our community safer. Drivers come through the sub-division without slowing down and it is CRAZY. Come on Northgaters!!

    • Most people I see driving through and in Northgate are doing the right thing
      On most days (excluding just before and after school) I hardly see any children on the streets
      When most of us were growing up we played on the streets and we all survived, because we were taught that traffic is dangerous and we had to accept accountability for our own actions because our parents were responsible for teaching us that
      When was the last time you could actually do 60 in the back streets of Northgate, I know most times I can’t

  • Yes, I would like to see the speed limit reduced

    • What is your reasoning for this? Simply getting on the bandwagon and agreeing without your view on the subject is meaningless.

  • What about you do the things that the council should be doing, like better rubbish collections, cleaner roads, better maintained roads, better parks and gardens, weed removal from parks, dedicated dog areas and stopping development like Lights View and Northgate that have roads so narrow that they are a safety hazard.
    Pick real world issues and run on them

    • Rodney, thanks for your numerous comments. In response to this one:
      1. I am told by many residents we have the best rubbish collection they have experienced, and both staff and myself review waste management practices constantly to see how we can improve them;
      2. Cleaner roads – again, we clean our roads as often as any Adelaide council other than the Adelaide City Council, I find Northgate a particularly clean suburb;
      3. Better parks and gardens – I believe Northgate has some of the best parks anywhere – but we are improving them constantly such as erecting shade sails in Butler Grove Reserve and Vickers Vimy Reserve, and will be replanting some areas as well during this winter. I acknowledge weed removal has not been the best lately and this has been addressed recently by more regular maintenance on those areas;
      4. Dedicated dog areas – I instigated the LJ Lewis Dog Park in Northfield, less than a kilometre from your home. It is well patronised and loved but I can’t see the need for another one so close to Northgate;
      5. Lightsview and Northgate roads so narrow etc – we cannot stop this as the State Government in 1999 took approval for land division street designs off Council and they do it now. This was, I was told at the time, due to City of Port Adelaide Enfield, delaying such divisions to improve their design (as we did in Oakden);
      6. I think it is fair to say that to many people the speed of traffic down their street IS a real world issue. It is the issue residents raise with me more than any other, be it whilst door knocking, meetings, via email or phone call.

      • I don’t see speed in Northgate as an issue, because I am a responsible adult, the State Government is already impinging on my freedoms and liberties and I don’t need Local Council making already confusing and ineffective road rules even worse

  • “This is not official Council consultation but Council staff and Councillors may take it into account” before any changes are made to local speed limits everyone impacted should be formally surveyed and this voted on. These kite flying ideas with minimal input from the majority of residents is NOT the way to do things

  • what about shifting the bus stop on Fosters Road near the Northgate Shopping Centre, as when the bus stops there you can’t drive past and often the bus stops and waits

    while we are on the topic of traffic, what about fixing the ridiculous situation after school at the back of Cedar Colledge when the parents picking up their children block the road at the round about

    • Thanks Rodney, great ideas!
      1. This request had already gone into the bus company as we don’t control bus stop locations – they tell DPTI where they want it and they go there, but it is a problem as we are asking to move further from the shops for their patrons. This one will need further work with DPTI;
      2. I put a request into Council staff late last year to fix this very matter. A total redesign of this area is needed which will take some time, then consultation including the school of course. The construction of the new school crossing on Fosters Road (thanks to Dana Wortley MP), will alleviate some of this I believe, but we will check on this once it is operating.

  • Rodney, thanks again. I really get you oppose 40km/hr zones. But you only get 1 vote, like everyone else.

    For a 40km/hr zone to occur, it must pass through a formal Council staff run consultation where responses are collected via post free envelopes, and 60% MUST support the change, of a minimum 30% of householders who respond.
    It then goes to Council again, for approval (or otherwise) then SAPOL and the Dept of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure before coming back to Council again.

    So, you are right that way, but it I reserve my right to consult with residents on any relevant matter whether you agree with it or not, but I welcome your opposition.

    Finally, I do not believe this is a kite flying idea with minimal input from residents – it is a legitimate way to ascertain public interest in a matter before Council spends ratepayers’ money on doing it. As to the ‘minimal’ input, ironically the response rate from Northgate has already exceeded that of Oakden/Hillcrest, and of course, like any survey, it is not compulsory to respond.

  • Hi all. I have lived in Northgate for the last 10 years and thoroughly enjoy the suburb.
    Re 40KM/Hr, this is not required/needed. I have not witnessed speedsters in the suburb.
    Northgate street design is that the streets are not wide and traffic is slowed via the numerous roundabouts that exist throughout the suburb.

    I have also driven down Fosters Road going to Northeast Road and when there is a Bus on Fosters road, you simply cannot pass / overtake. You cannot speed.

    Speedsters ignore sign postings/limits. Refer Adelaide Advertiser recently re article on ongoing speedsters.
    I drive down Folland Avenue a 50KM/hr road and have noticed Speed Cameras there. Do this drive every day, every night and again have not witnessed speeding cars.

    Suggest that if there is a concern e.g. around parks, schools install speed humps and paint them yellow for all to see. This SLOWS ALL TRAFFIC and not restricted to speeding cars.

    Re schools e.g. Cedar College / Fosters Road, install flashing light school crossing.

    If we are wishing to protect the Children, Dogs why does not State Government, Council put a “pool fence” around the numerous water features and ponds in Northgate that are either part of a park or adjacent to. Children and very young children play there by themselves.

    I cant have a pool installed in my home unless I have a compliant pool fence to protect children, mine and guests.

    Regards to all Rob
    PS – All have a Safe and Happy Easter

  • I don’t believe there is any need for a reduced speed limit. I live across the road from a park and school. As a general rule most people driving to the conditions, those who don’t won’t change their driving habits because of a new rule. We do not need a reduction in the speed limit.

  • If we are honest 10km/hr reduction makes very little difference in travel time but a huge potential difference in stopping time! I support 40km/hr

  • To be quite honest, changing the speed limit will not prevent people who like to use our streets as racetracks. To people who speed/hoon, the speed limit is just a number.

    Change the speed if you like. But at the end of the day, it’ll just frustrate those who have to go insanely slow due to the actions of a few.

  • 50km/hr now on Fosters Rd…I think it’s fine

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