Our beloved dog Poncho (Jack Russell X) passed away 3 weeks ago of a severe cough. Poncho came to us after our grandson was diagnosed with Rhabdomysarcoma cancer of the muscle of the eye, Austin could not keep his dog because they were renting at the time. We were happy to take Poncho and care for him until the time was right for them to take responsibility again.
That time never came as he was part of our household, Poncho was an amazing dog everyday he surprised us with his beautiful nature, when I arrived home from work he was at the door with his leash in his mouth waiting for his daily walk around the lake at Northgate.
I miss him terribly as he was a soul-mate, he was 13 when he passed away, his cough was so severe that I could not take him coughing and finally at 2.30 am Monday morning took him to the 24 hour hospital at Golden Grove, the vet examined him and said that he had only 2 hours to live, what a shock I expected medication and to take him home, that was not to be, I had to make the hardest decision to have him euthanased, out of kindness this was done and I took him home, the next day we had a family gathering to farewell Poncho he now rests in a marked grave in our back yard. RIP Poncho we loved you until the end.

– From Terry Atkins of Northgate

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