Who to Vote for? My guide to Port Adelaide Enfield (and other) elections

I am submitting this guide for people on who to vote for in the City of Port Adelaide Enfield after being asked repeatedly by people across the Council (and further).


Gary Johanson – just vote 1 – Gary is doing a great job as our leader, lowest rates, best services. Why vote for someone you’ve never heard of?

Outer Harbor Ward

1. Vanessa McCluskey (not related to Johanna!)

2. Peter Jamieson

Semaphore Ward

1. Michael O’Brien

2. Helen Wright

Port Adelaide Ward

1. Claire Boan

2. Ray Guscott

Parks Ward

1. NK

2. Guy Wilcock

3. Kim Dinh

Enfield Ward

1. Carol Martin

2. Peter McKay

3. Harmeet Kaur

Klemzig Ward

1. Paula Bradbrook

2. Tony Barca

All of the above apart from Guy Wilcock and Kim Dinh are Independent and I know them to be excellent people (be they incumbents or newbies).

As electors need number at least 3 boxes in Parks Ward, and I do not know of the non-ALP candidates apart from NK, I am happy to recommend 2nd and 3rd preference for those ALP candidates I do know as Cr Wilcock does an excellent job on Council and Mrs Dinh is the wife of former Councillor Tung Ngo, who is now an ALP MLC, and I have met her on numerous occasions.

In other Council areas, I recommend voting for Mayor Kirsten Alexander in Charles Sturt (and any candidate backing her), Mayor Simon Brewer in Campbelltown, Mayor Lorraine Rosenberg in Onkaparinga, Mayor Gillian Aldridge in Salisbury, Glenn Spear in Mitcham and for Holdfast Bay please vote for anyone but Mayor Rollond, preferably David Wittwer.

In other Council areas/wards, please email me – I don’t know people everywhere, but in most places in SA I do.

We must do all we can to keep political parties from controlling Councils, and to keep the previously unknown fringe dwellers from being elected.

It is up to you.

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